From your first phone call, the amazing Gianquinto OrthoArts team is dedicated to creating healthy, stunning smiles that last a lifetime. We are excited to meet you! Here's a little more about us.

The Team

Carrie – Care Coordinator

Family members: Husband Nick and six kids – Luke, Tara, Paris, Wyatt, Morgan and Cole

Leisure activities: Shopping Therapy! Movies, music, church activities, singing, hanging out with family and friends

Fun fact: Every team member including Dr. G himself was born and raised in Bakersfield!

How do you interact with patients: I try to “be” the patient. I know how I want to be treated and try to give the same courtesy.

Favorite part of what you do: Definitely developing friendships with my patients and their families! I also love to see the smiles and confidence we bring to their personalities when treatment is complete.

Why do you love working with Dr. G? He truly has an empathy I’ve never seen in a doctor before. He cares how a patient feels- not just about the treatment process. I love watching the “artist” at work.

Something fun and upbeat about our office: Besides the beachy coastal look of it, which fits Dr. G’s personality, it’s comfortable and peaceful, but still has spunk!

Paris – Scheduling and Marketing Coordinator

Family members: Total of seven siblings: Tara, Cole, Mariah, Brooke, Wyatt, Morgan, and Luke.

Leisure activities: When not working or attending school for Nursing, I enjoy: playing sports (volleyball mainly), singing, playing the guitar, reading, church activities, and spending time with my dogs, family, and friends.

Fun fact: Christmas is my favorite time of the year!

How do you interact with patients: I think treating the patients like family is important because there is something special about each one of them, and we want them to look forward to coming back to see us.

Favorite part of what you do: Developing a relationship with our patients, and knowing that our office is creating beautiful smiles every day.

Why do you love working with Dr. G? Dr. G is such a fun and upbeat person. He makes every patient feel special and comfortable here. He is genuinely kind to everyone, and it makes me look forward to coming to work every day.

Something fun and upbeat about our office: The atmosphere of our office is much different than other offices, and that is what I love about it. Dr. G has put his own personal touch on it with all of the décor, and patients enjoy that when they walk through the door.


Krystal – Clinical Assistant

Family members:    Husband to be Clint, my awesome parents Art and Debbi, big sister and her husband Nikki and Bryan, little nephew and niece Brayden and Brylee.

Leisure activities: I enjoy being with friends and family just hanging out. When I get the chance I love playing golf with my dad and tennis with whoever will play with me.

Fun fact: I played Tennis for Bakersfield College. So much fun!!

How do you interact with patients: I love having fun with my patients. Being silly and laughing with my patients makes my day!!!

Favorite part of what you do: My favorite thing about working here is seeing the results of the work we do. It’s amazing what a difference having a perfect smile can make in someone’s life.

Why do you love working with Dr. G? It’s so much fun! Having the combination of a good time and great work is the best!!

Something fun and upbeat about our office: Watch out!! Dr. G may challenge you to a game of Wii Mario cart!!