Changing Lives, One Smile at a Time: Bakersfield Orthodontist Dr. Jared Gianquinto Joins National Charity to Provide Healthy Smiles for Underserved Kids

Gianquinto OrthoArts - Proud Provider for Smiles Change Lives
Gianquinto OrthoArts – Proud Provider for Smiles Change Lives

Smiles Change Lives is seeking applicants, ages 10-18, for its affordable orthodontic care program. Gianquinto OrthoArts is eager to help children in the Bakersfield community. For more information visit

A child’s joyful smile is contagious. However, some children are afraid to smile because they are embarrassed by their teeth. In today’s economy, this situation can be heartbreaking for families who do not have the resources to pay the full cost of orthodontic treatment.

Thanks to hundreds of caring orthodontists and one national charity, families have an opportunity to help their children obtain affordable orthodontic treatment. Smiles Change Lives(SCL) is now serving low-income kids in the Bakersfield area thanks to the dedication of Gianquinto OrthoArts.

Doctors across the country have joined SCL to help provide better care to youth who cannot afford treatment and don’t qualify for other assistance. The doctors donate their time and talents to treat SCL-approved patients. SCL requires that each patient’s family pay a $500 program fee in return for full orthodontic treatment.

There are other organizations with similar missions, but only allow one practice to participate in a given geographic area. Access to care is then limited to however many or few patients that single practice decides to treat in a given year. SCL is different. Any orthodontist willing to donate their time and resources can participate and provide care to children in need.

“I decided to become involved with SCL as yet another way to give back to the Bakersfield community. It is so rewarding to be able to provide care through SCL for children who need and deserve treatment when families simply cannot afford it. It is a fantastic organization,” Says Dr. Gianquinto of Gianquinto OrthoArts.

SCL is actively seeking program applicants who meet these criteria:

  • 10-18 years old
  • Household taxable income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level
  • Crooked teeth and/or misaligned jaws
  • Good oral hygiene

“I believe that all health care professionals chose their careers to make a difference in the lives of their patients. Part of my life’s purpose has always been to give back to those who need my help, and Smiles Change Lives is helping me achieve that purpose,” adds Dr. Gianquinto.

Interested families are encouraged to review the program’s financial guidelines at Educators, nurses, counselors and oral health professionals are encouraged to nominate or refer candidates to this program. Visit to download an application in English or Spanish or call (888) 900-3554 to request more information or an application by mail.
Smiles Change Lives (SCL) promotes and provides access to life-changing, essential orthodontic treatment to children from low-income families. With a growing demand nationwide, our vision is to provide access to braces for all youth suffering from crooked teeth and misaligned jaws. Since 1997, SCL has created more than 1,500 healthy smiles. With the support of 3M, our official orthodontic industry sponsor, SCL will be able to reach out to even more communities nationwide.