Lost Retainer Story of the Week

As inconvenient as retainers may be, they’re a necessity for successful orthodontic treatment. Without them, all of the hard work that went into that beautiful smile can start to relapse. But sometimes retainers are lost, stolen by leprechauns, eaten by monsters, run over by tanks, and obliterated by laser beams. The first time a retainer is no longer serviceable for whatever reason, our patients have the opportunity to take on a creative writing assignment with a fantastical explanation of how it happened in lieu of a replacement fee. Our patients have amazing imaginations!

Here is our Lost Retainer Story of the Week:

By Kenna:

How I Lost My Retainer
One day I was reading a book on George Washington and how he had several false teeth. I though to myself, “What if he had retainers like me?” I bought myself a time machine on Ebay and when it finally arrived, I quickly grabbed my retainers and went back in time. I went all the way back to 1789, when he was president. Then I ran right over to President Washington and asked him, “Do you have retainers like me?” He looked at me like I was insane.
“Pardon me?” He asked, after staring at me for a long time.
“Retainers. They go on your teeth to keep them straight. Dr. G gave them to me. Keep them.”
Before Mr. Washington could reply, I stuck my retainers in his pocket and sat back down in the time machine to go home. The next day, my mom was looking for my retainers.
She yelled from the bathroom, “Kenna! Where are your retainers?”
I giggled and replied, “I lost them.. It’s a long story.”


Thanks for the story!