OrthoArts | Getting Started with Orthodontic Treatment At An Early Age

Early Interceptive Treatment

Pre-Treatment Observation

Treatment timing is very important when it comes to interceptive orthodontics. Since every child is on their own developmental schedule, we want to know how each patient is progressing at 3 to 6 month intervals before making recommendations. This will help us decide if early intervention is necessary before all of the permanent teeth have come in, or if any treatment is needed at all. Most kids fall into this category as we want to make sure they’re progressing normally.

We don’t believe in charging for these check-ups because of the importance of planning ahead and minimizing surprises in your child’s progress. If treatment is indicated, we’ll discuss our findings, treatment plan and finances at that time.

Interceptive Orthodontics
(Phase I Braces)

This usually means a few braces on the front teeth to make room for permanent teeth coming in, or prevent damage to the teeth and gums. Our goal with Phase I treatment is to fix crossbites, close spaces that are too big, or correct any condition that will lead to extractions of permanent teeth, invasive treatment, or surgery if left alone. This phase is essentially a quick intervention to head off big problems, followed by retainers that are worn at nighttime until the rest of the permanent teeth come in. Phase I braces are just the beginning. Since they’re usually followed by full braces later on, we do everything we can to make this experience as fun and easy as possible.

Dr. G and his staff are worth much more than a 5-Star review!! Dr. G will schedule consultations (free) until he feels it is the perfect time for braces.... if at all. It was about a year before my daughter was ready but my son is still just coming in every six months to check the progress of his teeth that are coming in. He may not need braces after all. It’s very apparent that Dr. G loves what he does and isn’t just trying to load up his schedule with as many patients as he can. He takes his time with each patient... and the parents. We’ve never had to wait.... by the time we sit down the staff is coming to get you! They never make us feel bad, even when we are calling to reschedule a follow-up, fix a pokey wire, or come in for more bands (that we lost). I wish all of our doctors and staff were as knowledgeable, friendly and efficient as they are.

Michelle H.