Consultation Options

Consultation Options

To make your life easier, we have two options for getting started with OrthoArts. Order a Grin Scope and get a virtual consultation, or stick to the old-fashioned way and schedule an in-person appointment.


For a virtual consultation, you’ll need a Grin Scope, which will allow you to take photos of your teeth from home. You can either pick up a Grin Scope from our office, have one mailed to you, or, if someone in your family already has one, just use theirs. You’ll also need to download the Grin app so you can submit your photos. Once you’ve sent your photos in, Dr. G will take a look and email you with a recommended treatment plan, a run-down of the different options (InBrace, KLOwen Stride Braces, Clear Aligners, etc.), and our treatment coordinator will provide a cost estimate.


If that fancy tech isn’t for you, we’re always happy to see you in-person. At an in-person consultation, you’ll get to meet our OrthoArts team. We’ll take photos, a digital scan and x-rays of your teeth, then Dr. G will take a look and recommend a treatment plan, complete with a cost estimate and a run-down of the different options.

What’s the difference?

The main difference is that a virtual consultation takes place on your own time, from home, whereas an in-person appointment means you have to come into the office. If you already have a Grin Scope at home, or if you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to fit an orthodontic appointment into your already hectic month, virtual may be the way to go. Of course, you’ll still need to come in before getting your braces on, but a virtual consultation can be a great way to quickly and easily answer the question of what your treatment options are, plus an idea of how long treatment will take and how much it will cost.

Ready to get started on your new smile?

Schedule an in-person appointment

Two locations to serve you


Look for us in the Plaza on Calloway directly behind Sugar Twist Bakery.


Find us on W Valley Blvd in the Ryan Kerr building on the second Friday of each month.

Virtual Consultation

Through a virtual consultation, you can chat with Dr. G from the comfort of your own home, discuss possible care options for your smile, and get answers to all your questions.