Investing in Your Smile

Investing in Your Smile

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your best smile. 

Take Advantage of Our Payment Plans

Want to pay in full at the beginning of treatment? Great! We offer incentives for a full, one-time payment.

Need to stagger your payments? That’s fine, too! Most of our clients pay in periodic installments through our OrthoFi platform. In-house, direct-debit with no interest, our payment plans are convenient and affordable.

If you need help weighing your options, our financial coordinator is always happy to talk.

Make the Most of Your Insurance Policy

We’ve walked countless patients through the ins and outs of orthodontic insurance policies. Here are the best ways to make your coverage work for you.

Make Sure You Have Dental Insurance with Orthodontic Benefits

Does your dental insurance have orthodontic benefits? Most insurance plans offer a one-time orthodontic benefit of at least $1000. This benefit is usually available only after the policy has been in effect for a certain amount of time. If your current dental plan doesn’t have orthodontic coverage, you may want to switch to a different plan before treatment begins.

Make Sure Your Insurance Won’t Expire Before Treatment Ends

Insurance companies pay orthodontic benefits through installments over the course of treatment. This means that if the policy terminates during treatment, you’ll have to pay the remaining balance out of pocket.

Of course, sometimes a change is unavoidable. If you get new insurance during treatment due to a job change or other event, let us know and we’ll help you figure something out.

Keep Your Incentive Plan

If your insurance comes through a school district, you may have an incentive plan. This doesn’t offer orthodontic benefits, but the longer you keep the policy, the more coverage you’ll get for other dental care. Switching to a different plan that carries orthodontic benefits may seem like a good idea, but it’s actually better to keep your current plan so you can save on dental care. If you switch to a new plan, you’ll lose your current coverage, even if you plan to switch back after your orthodontic treatment.

Long story short, keep your incentive plan! If you’re an educator, there’s no need to worry—with special pricing, we take good care of our teachers.

Use Pre-Tax Dollars through HSAs and FSAs

Most people have some kind of out-of-pocket health care expenses per year. If these costs add up to more than 10% of your income, you may be able to deduct them on your tax return. To do this, you’ll need a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

Before we go any further, we feel obligated to point out that we’re orthodontists, not tax experts. We’ve helped a lot of clients navigate their financial options, so we know some stuff about taxes. And our financial coordinator can help you make the most of your HSA or FSA. But before acting on our advice, you should talk to a tax professional.

Use a Health Savings Account (HSA)

With a Health Savings Account, you can estimate how much you will spend on out-of-pocket healthcare costs throughout the year and set that money aside, tax free. Since unused balances roll over from year to year, HSAs are a great tax savings and investment tool. But you can only use HSAs if you have a high-deductible health insurance plan (HDHP).

You can read more about HSAs and HDHPs here.

Use a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Don’t qualify for an HSA? You may be able to use an FSA instead. Flexible Spending Accounts usually come through your employer. Unlike HSAs, FSAs do not roll over from year to year. Instead, any money you don’t use is forfeited. FSAs also have limits on how much money you can put into them. As of 2022, the limit is $2,850 per year.

Use an Airline Credit Card
(and Get a Free Vacation!)

What’s better than getting your perfect smile? Showing that smile off on a free vacation.

Many airline credit cards offer travel incentives for opening an account and spending a certain amount of money within the first few months. Some of our past patients have used airline credit cards to visit places like Florida, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Alaska after their orthodontic treatment ends. You can find more info here.

Purple Heart Parents

Are you a Purple Heart recipient? If so, your children may be eligible for free braces or aligners through our Purple Heart Parents program. The children must be age 16 or younger, and the Purple Heart must have been awarded after 9/11. For more information, visit our Giving Back page.

Ortho Arts Patients’ Experiences Shared

Thank you for making me feel better today. I was really unsure that I had made the right decision to go the braces route for my complicated problem, but the entire staff today made me feel like I’m at the right place. Thanks making me feel like a priority in your business. That’s rare these days. I appreciate all of you.

– Stefanie R

Ortho Arts Patients’ Experiences Shared

Dr. Gianquinto took time and patience with my difficult case to make things right. Very pleased with the results. Thank you!

– Brian D

Ortho Arts Patients’ Experiences Shared

I feel my experience was great. Since I am older they truly make me feel comfortable and welcomed. I have already recommended Ortho Arts and will continue to do so.

– Diane M

Virtual Consultation

Through a virtual consultation, you can chat with Dr. G from the comfort of your own home, discuss possible care options for your smile, and get answers to all your questions.