Could slacking on hygiene during treatment damage your teeth?

Mar 25, 2021 | News, Pediatric Orthodontics, Treatment Advancements

We love creating beautiful smiles, yet nothing is a bigger bummer than taking braces off of beautifully aligned teeth with white spots and puffy gums that happen when hygiene and diet habits aren’t kept up during treatment.

We do our best to make sure all of our patients have all the skills they need to prevent decalcification and gingivitis during treatment, give hygiene grades and coaching during our regular visits and even take a break from treatment if we see it happening but under certain circumstances, it can happen fast, even between appointment intervals with us. When plaque is left on the teeth, and that plaque is fed sugar, the bacteria produce acid which eats through the teeth and causes unsightly white spots and even cavities. Slack off on brushing and drink a bunch of soft drinks, energy drinks, sugary coffee, sports drinks or juice, and boom, decalcification. At the very least they’re a cosmetic issue, but they can progress into big cavities that require fillings by the dentist if not addressed quickly. And it’s entirely preventable by keeping up with good hygiene habits and seeing the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings during treatment.

Here at OrthoArts we are always looking for ways to help our patients achieve that dazzling smile they have always dreamed of.  Orthodontic treatment is only one part of the equation and while we can encourage you to take cleaning your teeth more proactively during treatment, you are the one who decides exactly what habits to take on.  Dr. G and the team at OrthoArts wanted a fun way to encourage patients to have extra cleanings at their dentist and introduce a device that helps you floss like a boss, with or without braces!

Water flossers are not new, but many new options are now available and the results they produce with healthy gums and clearing out debris toothbrushes and traditional floss miss is a great reason to have one at home.  We recommend flossing and brushing after meals which is when things tend to get stuck in your braces and this water flosser can make it faster and easier to flush out pesky bits that get trapped.  Be sure you know how to “Floss like a Boss” and don’t risk tooth loss!

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