Same-day braces may seem like a shortcut, but they're not

Same-day braces may seem like a shortcut, but they’re not

Apr 6, 2022 | News, Treatment Advancements

Picture this: you’re on an airplane heading to your next vacation destination. You’re seated in first class. The flight attendants are serving free drinks. The view out your window is spectacular. “Wow,” you think, “what a great flight.” Then you realize there’s no one at the controls. In other words, while there may be great service, views, and drinks on your flight, you’ll never reach your final destination because no one’s flying the thing.

Getting same-day braces is a lot like riding in a plane with no pilot. Sure, the staff and assistants are great, they may have really comfy seats and nice art on the walls. But you’re not there to socialize, relax, or enjoy the view. You’re there to get braces. And if you don’t have an experienced, qualified pilot up front overseeing every part of the trip, who’s going to help if things go awry?

Here are four reasons why you should just say no to same-day braces.

1. Same-day braces skip the planning stage

Because everyone’s teeth are positioned differently, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to braces. The orthodontist needs to examine your teeth, bite, bone structure and smile, take in-depth records, and plug your info into his digital program, then take time planning a strategy just for you. Just like hopping on a plane. Your pilot does a lot of prep work before you buckle in, and is responsible for every little detail of getting you to your destination safely. When it’s done right, it’s the trip is over before you know it.  

If you’re getting same-day braces, it means your orthodontist is not taking any time at all to plan your treatment. They’re just taking brackets out of a box, slapping them onto your teeth and hoping for the best. In other words, there’s no one flying the plane. Sure, you’re getting braces, but not the braces you need to reposition your teeth without major discomfort and lots of adjustments AKA longer treatment time.

Plus, if the orthodontist slaps on same-day braces, they’re probably not taking the time to look at your dental records or coordinate with your dentist first. Your orthodontist needs to know about any dental issues or treatments, and your dentist needs a heads up that you’re getting braces. Not only can this help make your treatment more effective, it also saves you a big headache down the road. 

2.  Same-day braces take longer

On the surface, it may seem like same-day braces would cut down your treatment time. But sadly, it’s just the opposite. 

While braces that have been designed specifically for your teeth can get the job done in as little as half the usual time, same-day braces actually take longer. Since they’re not designed for you, they won’t start moving your teeth into the right positions right away. In fact, they typically move teeth in the wrong direction at first, which adds unnecessary discomfort and treatment time.

3.  Same-day braces lock you in

Same-day braces may not be a good strategy for your teeth, but they’re a great money-making strategy for your orthodontist. Get same-day braces, and you’re now stuck with that ortho office for the rest of your treatment. Because same-day braces sound appealing on the surface, some doctors use the offer as a closing strategy to lock patients in before they have a chance to visit any other offices and explore other options.

4.  Same-day braces can be illegal (yes, you heard us right)

Who’s overseeing those same-day braces on your teeth? If it’s not the orthodontist, then it’s probably illegal. 

In order for braces to be legal, your doctor has to at least oversee their placement. The assistants cannot cement the brackets into place until the orthodontist prescribes you a treatment plan and approves the positioning of your braces. 

After that, your doctor needs to see you every time your braces get adjusted. If he doesn’t, then not only is your treatment illegal, it’s not going to get you the results you want.

Just say no to same-day braces

In the end, it comes down to this simple question: is your orthodontist taking time to plan and customize your treatment, and overseeing precisely how your braces are placed or are dental assistants just slapping same-day braces on your teeth to close a deal?

If it’s the latter, just say no.

At OrthoArts, we use the world’s fastest and most effective ortho tools to cut down your treatment time without sacrificing your smile. You’ll never catch us winging it where your care is concerned, but you will catch us providing the most convenient, high-quality treatment possible.

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