Three Most Common Reasons to see a Pediatric Orthodontist

Sep 2, 2014 | Pediatric Orthodontics, Treatment Advancements

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Children are prime candidates for bite treatment from a pediatric orthodontist. In fact, abnormalities in dental alignment can be diagnosed as early as seven years old. Addressing issues promptly, especially before the end of the teen years, leads to long-term dental health.

 Fixing misaligned bites early makes sense. During the sensitive stages of adolescence, children have plenty on their mind without worrying about the state of their smile. A child’s teeth are less rigidly fused than an adult’s and more adaptable to alignment. A child will also benefit from an aligned smile for a longer period of time.

Here are the top three reasons to see a pediatric orthodontist:

 1.   Dental Health

Aligned teeth are safer for the soft tissues of the mouth, for the surrounding teeth, and for physical activities. Crooked teeth can cause wear on other teeth during chewing or damage from grinding during sleeping.

Straight teeth are also easier to access for thorough brushing and flossing. The ideal flossing motion of up through the teeth, forming C-shapes on each side of the tooth, and pulling back down is much easier with aligned teeth. Careful brushing and flossing will lead to gum health and eliminate dental diseases.

2.   Functional Alignment

The teeth chew our food and help us enunciate during speech. A child will inevitably be more comfortable in food focused social situations with easy chewing. Consider how many times you touch the back of your front teeth saying this sentence out loud. Speeches and new vocabulary are tough enough for children without pronunciation difficulties.

 3.   Confidence

Consider your child’s self-esteem. Children are at a critical stage of development making lifelong friends while developing their interests and personalities. Appearance has a big impact on a child’s confidence. A confident child will be more likely to excel in school and relationships. Pave the way for your child’s success by visiting a pediatric orthodontist.

Your children are most likely covered under your dental insurance plan with a lifetime benefit for orthodontics. Make sure the orthodontist you choose is not only in your network, but also a good fit for children. Orthodontists close to your child’s school with flexible office hours (during lunch and after school) are ideal.

Ask about your doctor’s experience treating younger patients. Patience is a virtue needed to treat children along with expressing an interest in their hobbies. Your child will be more comfortable with the orthodontist and more likely to comply with the treatment process.

Contact Gianquinto OrthoArts for a pediatric orthodontist accepting new patients now. Our experience with the younger generation leaves parents and children smiling all the time.  Don’t delay. A pediatric orthodontist visit makes sense for a child’s future success.

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