Three Reasons for Orthodontic Treatment as an Adult

Sep 9, 2014 | Treatment Advancements

A smile is an incredible asset, and our adult patients agree that it is never too late for improvement. Orthodontic treatment at later stages in life can dramatically improve your smile, but there are other reasons to seek treatment as well!

Adult Orthodontic Treatment Bakersfield

1. Improved Esthetics

This one’s a no-brainer. Straight teeth are esthetically more pleasing than teeth that are not, and a great smile can help tremendously both professionally and personally. Studies have shown that the self-esteem boost from an improved appearance lasts much longer than the treatment. Cosmetic dentistry alone can provide esthetic improvements, but often requires additional loss of tooth structure to place veneers, and periodic replacement of restorations to keep them looking their best. Your own natural teeth were designed to last an entire lifetime, and straightening them is the most conservative method for proven long-term results.

2. Improved Function

Straight teeth work better. Teeth are also designed to have chewing forces directed upon them from certain directions, and if they are out of alignment, teeth wear down unevenly, and can sometimes fracture. Tooth positions are also important in pronunciation. Spacing and incisor position can affect “S”, “T”, “F” “V” and “Th” sounds. And if you have teeth or fillings that need to be replaced, it is much easier for your dentist to provide a good restoration that will last a long time if the teeth and bite are where they are supposed to be.

3. Health

Straight teeth are a lot easier to keep clean by brushing and flossing, which we know our dentist wants us to do twice a day. If teeth are out of alignment, it is difficult to floss correctly and remove the plaque that can accumulate near the gumline. Over time, this can lead to gingivitis, gum disease, and eventual tooth loss. Crooked and protruded teeth carry a much higher risk for trauma for active people, and are much more difficult to restore if they are damaged.

At Gianquinto OrthoArts, we witness the benefits of great smiles every day and love seeing transformations we help our patients achieve every day.

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